An insider’s view of our devnet app

Our devnet was recently launched to a small group of focus group testers. Find out which features we’re working on, and why we kept it private.

What’s our current focus?

We’re working perfecting the critical tasks a trader will perform when they want to quickly and easily buy/sell some tokens.

  1. The user will be able to purchase JOE directly, even though their USDC stablecoins are on Ethereum — normally on other DEXs they would need to bridge the coins over to the Avalanche network first.
  2. They can automate their trades with limit orders to sell when a certain price condition is met — very few DEXs have limit orders.

User Flow Functionality

✅ Connect Wallet

When users first come to ZKEX, they need to connect their Metamask, and sign-in.

  • Ethereum — Rinkeby and Goerli testnets
  • Polygon testnet
  • Avalanche testnet

✅ Create an account

Account creation is free — a ZKEX wallet is created for you.

✅ Deposit Funds to ZKEX Wallet

Users can connect to a faucet to get free testnet tokens into their Metamask, and then deposit them to their ZKEX wallet so they can be traded with in the exchange.

🚧 Execute a Market Order, and then a Limit Order

This is partially done, but needs to be tested.

🚧 Withdraw Funds from ZKEX Wallet as a ‘regular’ withdrawal.

This is partially done, but needs to be tested.

Back-end Functionality

✅ Matching Engine

We’ve created the order book matching engine that connects buy and sell bids and requests.

✅ Market Maker

In line for the testnet, we’ve created an automated market maker that creates buy and sell orders to fill the order book, so users can get an idea of the trading functionality.

🚧 Stablecoin merge

We plan to have 2 tradeable stablecoins on ZKEX:

  • USD: a merged coin made up of fully reserve-backed stables (likely to be USDC, BUSC, HUSD, TUSD, USDP) — almost all tokens will be paired with USD.
  • vUSD: minted from collateralized stables and stable LPs (likely to be USDT, DAI, 3CRV) — a range of tokens will be paired with vUSD.
    vUSD might not be available in the testnet.

Why keep it private?

Since the devnet often needs to be reset or rebooted, and is full of quirks and bugs, it’s easier to manage the expectations of a small group of testers that we’re in contact with. So for now, we’re keeping it private until the product is in good shape.

Wen testnet???

We’re planning to move to an incentivized testnet quite soon — within a few weeks — as soon as our tech team and focus group give the green light.



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