Join the ZKEX family and get rewards!

Complete quests, collect points, and unlock levels for the chance to get swag, NFTs, event invites, airdrops, discounts, giveaways and more!

3 min readJul 19, 2022

Our ambition to help people buy and sell crypto, quickly, safely, and easily, while keeping control of their assets is huge, and we intend to reward our most loyal community members for helping us become bigger and better.

We’ve designed our community into 3 groups: Newbies, Frens, and OGs.

To join these groups, you need to complete a series of increasingly challenging tasks, puzzles, and competitions to level up.

How does it work?

Join our Crew3 board, and start completing quests (which are mini-tasks) and collect points in order to level up, and eventually unlock new roles in Discord.

To get started, go to, connect your Wallet, then complete the first 5 quests to get your first role as a ‘ZK-Newbie’.

What rewards could I get?

For selected Frens:

  • Exclusive members-only channels in Discord
  • Special loyalty NFT drops, and POAPs/OATs for attending events
  • Access to community meetups and parties around the world
  • Awesome swag like t-shirts and hoodies
  • Discounts on partner dApps, software, and tools
  • Access to trading competitions with giveaways

For our most highest-ranking and loyal OG members:

  • Limited rewards for trading
  • First opportunity to get a paid internship/job role at ZKEX
  • And for selected individuals who made a special contribution, we plan to drop them something extra special!

How do I level up?

Reach 3 roles and 5 levels by completing quests, each with different rewards:

What is the timeline for each role?

  • ZK-Newbie is available NOW!
  • ZK-Fren (Level 3) is available NOW!

Go to our Crew3 board and level up.

  • ZK-Fren (Level 4) will be available soon for our beta Testnet launch.
  • ZK-OG (Level 5 and 6) will be available later for our live Mainnet launch.


Q: I’m a zkLink member and heard I can get fast-tracked?
A: Welcome! Yes, ZKEX is part of the zkLink ecosystem, and we appreciate your interest. For ZK-Fren and ZK-OG roles, we will have fast-track routes exclusively for zkLinkers who have a Galaxy Eco Loyalty NFT! We haven’t released these two roles yet on our Crew3 board, so for now, please level up to ZK-Newbie, and await further updates on our Twitter and Discord.

Q: Why are some ZK-Fren and ZK-OG roles missing from Crew3?
A: We haven’t worked out the quests for these roles yet — they’re coming soon! We expect Level 4 to be available later in August, and Level 5 and 6 sometime later.

Q: How long does each quest take to get verified on Crew3?
A: It takes around 24 hours to get approved by our Moderators. Some quests need to be checked and manually verified. We’ve done this to reject fake members and only allow the best people to join us.

Q: Where can I ask a question about a quest?
A: You can discuss your progress in the ‘quests’ channel on our Discord server, where our mods and team will answer any questions you have.

Q: How long will this ‘ZKEX Fren’ plan last?
A: We going to keep our community plan for as long as we need.

Get involved in community events on Discord, get the latest updates by following us on Twitter, and bookmark our website at

- The ZKEX team