ZKEX Trading Competition #1: ZK-Frens Only

Our first-ever community day trading competition is a fun opportunity to try ZKEX’s Testnet 2.0! Try to make the biggest profits by following the news, using leveraged tokens, altcoins, and quirky meme tokens.

4 min readMar 29, 2023

Community members with the rank of ‘ZK-Fren’ on Crew3 can join our first day trading competition which starts for a week from Monday 3 April at 12 pm SGT (Singapore time).

The winners will be the traders with the highest PnL % and trading volume by the end of the competition.

How it works

How can I join?

All ZK-Frens on Crew3 will be whitelisted on Monday 3 April at 9am SGT, and will be eligible to join the competition. If you gain the ZK-Fren role after this time, you cannot join the competition.

What shall I do before the competition starts?

Please complete the first special Crew3 quest to gain +50 points (to retweet the competition announcement). This will also make you eligible for the special OAT giveaway to prove you took part.

Where does it take place?

The competition takes place on our special trading arena. The URL will be released on Twitter a few hours before the start time.

At the start time, we will clear all balances and users will be able to claim any of the following demo tokens each day:

  • 10,000 USD
  • 5 ETH
  • 0.5 BTC
  • 4000 MATIC
  • 400 AVAX

The deposit, token transfer, and withdrawal functions will be disabled during the competition.

Which tokens are tradeable?

  • ETH
  • ETH3L (Long 3x)
  • ETH5L (Long 5x)
  • ETH3S (Short 3x)
  • ETH5S (Short 5x)
  • BTC
  • BTC5L (Long 5x)
  • BTC5S (Short 5x)
  • AVAX
  • Fox Inu (Mystery meme token!)

Note on leveraged tokens:

  • As an example of a Long 3x, if the base asset price goes up 1%, the net worth of the leveraged asset will rise by 3%.
  • As an example of a Short 5x, if the base asset price goes down 1%, the net worth of the leveraged asset will decrease by 5%.

What should I do every day during the competition?

  1. Focus on making the biggest percentage profit each day.
  2. Keep an eye on the #zk-fren channel on Discord — we’ll drop some hints, tips, and surprises and about Fox Inu!
  3. Make sure you claim some extra tokens each day if you need them.
  4. Share your progress on your social media! You can download a badge showing your latest profits from the leaderboard.

How is the leaderboard calculated?

The leaderboard will be updated every 5–10 minutes and each trader will be ranked according to a simple formula:

Ranking = Profit (90% weighting) + Trading volume (10% weighting)

This is calculated as:

Ranking = a *(1/ PnL rank) + b * (1/ VOL rank)
where a = 0.9, and b = 0.1

Dollar PnL = (total assets value at end) — (total asset value at beginning)

% PnL = (Dollar PnL) / (total asset value at beginning) * 100

Note: tokens that are initially claimed from the faucet are not included in the %PnL calculation. You must trade to get profits counted on the leaderboard.


Top 10 winners:

1st: 1 x 150 USD + ZK-OG role + winner OAT
2nd: 1 x 100 USD + ZK-OG role + winner OAT
3rd: 1 x 50 USD + ZK-OG role + winner OAT
4th–5th: 2 x 50 USD + winner OAT
6th-10th: 5 x 20 USD + winner OAT

To be eligible to collect a cash prize, you should undertake an anonymous ZK-based KYC (via Holonym.id).

Plus, for all eligible participants:

  • All traders who complete the first Crew3 quest will get a special trading competition OAT.
  • All traders who shared their badge and completed the second Crew3 quest will get “trader-1” role in Discord.

To be eligible to collect any prize, you must have completed the relevant Crew3 task.


By taking part in Trading Competition #1, you acknowledge that:

  • This is only a testnet trading competition, and no real assets will be traded.
  • You must be of legal age in your home country to accept the conditions of this competition.
  • Only community members with the role of ‘ZK-Fren’ on Crew3 by Monday 3 April at 9am SGT will be eligible to take place.
  • The competition will start on 3 April at 12 pm SGT, and end on 10 April at 12 pm SGT.
  • The final ranking on the leaderboard will be determined within 5 minutes after the end of the competition.
  • The maximum amount given out to all winners is 500 USD.
  • If USD winners do not complete the anonymous KYC within 4 weeks of being notified via Discord, their prize may be forfeited.
  • You are responsible for any income tax liabilities in your home country.
  • If any kind of unusual trading patterns or attempted disruption to our service is detected, then upon investigation, that user may be disqualified.
  • ZKEX reserves the right to postpone, pause, or cancel the competition for any reason.

Get involved in community events on Discord, get the latest updates by following us on Twitter, and bookmark our website at ZKEX.com.

- The ZKEX team